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Elevated Style - Viewmont - Hollywood

Perched on a ridge above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Viewshed was designed as an eco-friendly, sustainable retreat from the busy city metropolis below.

Gaszton, Architectural Photographer, Viewmont, Hollywood, California

PROJECT - Perched on a ridge above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Viewshed was designed as an eco-friendly, sustainable retreat from the busy city metropolis below. Eight reclaimed wood balconies are accessed through low-E glass pocket doors, showcasing the home’s rarefied views — stretching from snow-capped mountains to the sea!

CLIENT - Eric Fishburn of Guild GC, a builders group specializing in sustainable design, hired me to capture their latest LEED Platinum-certified project.

Gaszton, Architectural Photographer, Viewmont, Hollywood, California

TASK - Create superb images of this beautifully situated and conscientiously renovated property for a new marketing campaign. As part of a major renaming, rebranding and re-imagining of these luxurious private residences, the owner needed an expert in interior and exterior photography to showcase the property in a fresh way.

TEAM -Led by Gaszton Gal — Photographer in collaboration with The Strausberg Group, including Devon Schulz — Senior Account Executive, and Ezra Strausberg — Principal, with Eric Fishburn — LEED AP, Peter Bolton — Interior Designer, and Byron Gamarro — Photo Assistant.

Gaszton, Architectural Photographer, Viewmont, Hollywood, California

HOW WE DID IT - Taking the time to understand the client’s design and process gave us the insight we needed to deliver stunning images that stayed true to their vision. We prepared for the shoot by scouting the project and observing the relationship between natural light and the home’s clean, bright, eco-friendly design.  

Gaszton, Architectural Photographer, Viewmont, Hollywood, California

SURPRISE ELEMENT - You can’t fake a blue sky with huge windows and 180° views! Thankfully, Los Angeles delivered the amazing weather and clear visibility we needed to truly do justice to this property’s magnificent views.

Timing is everything in architectural photography, especially when working with natural light. Bright sun beaming through expansive windows can create quite a challenging lighting scenario, but when you get it right it looks pretty suite.

WHY IT'S WORTH IT - Your reputation matters — an experienced, skilled architectural photographer can present your project in a way that gets the attention it deserves while elevating your company’s status. 

RESULT - Dynamic, compelling images that capture the imagination of stylish and eco-savvy buyers. Each photograph tells a story, and invites the viewer to picture themselves and their family within the space.


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